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2013-2014 Financial Aid Forms

 2013-2014 Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student

 2013-2014 Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student - SNAP
 2013-2014 Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student - Child Support Paid

 2013-2014 Verification Worksheet - Independent Student

 2013-2014 Verification Worksheet - Independent Student - SNAP
 2013-2014 Verification Worksheet - Independent Student - Child Support Paid
 2013-2014 Verification Worksheet - High School Completion and Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose
 2013-2014 Verification Worksheet - High School Completion and Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose - Notary

 2012 Untaxed Income Worksheet

 2012 Additional Financial Information Worksheet

 Federal Direct PLUS Loan Request Form - Summer

 Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Request Form - Summer

 2013-2014 Unusual Enrollment History Worksheet

2014-2015 Financial Aid Forms

2014-2015 Dependent Standard Verification Worksheet

2014-2015 Dependent Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet

2014-2015 Dependent Custom Verification Worksheet

2014-2015 Independent Standard Verification Worksheet

2014-2015 Independent Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet

2014-2015 Independent Custom Verification Worksheet

2014-2015 Additional Financial Information Verification Worksheet

2014-2015 High School Completion Status Worksheet

2014-2015 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Verification  Worksheet

 2014-2015 Untaxed Income Verification Worksheet

 2014-2015 Unusual Enrollment History Verification Worksheet

Federal Direct PLUS Loan Request Form

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Request Form

Financial Aid


The AUM Financial Aid Office provides a variety of services to help you finance your education. From grants to student loans, to college work-study, we offer over $40 million in financial assistance to students annually. We've tried to answer your questions on this site, but our staff will be happy to assist you if you have additional questions.

Recent Changes to Student Aid Programs

Federal School Code: 008310

Application Process

  1. Know the FAFSA priority filing deadline

    Auburn Montgomery has a priority deadline of March 1st each year. This means the FAFSA must be received by the Federal Processor on or before March 1st. Please note that an electronic submission may take 2-5 business days to reach the Federal Processor. For priority consideration, you'll want to file at least a week prior to March 1st.

  2. Apply for a PIN

    Request a PIN by visiting If you are a dependent student, your parents should also request a PIN as they will need to sign your FAFSA as well.

  3. Gather financial information

    Gather income and asset information, federal tax returns, etc. for the year prior to the FAFSA award year. For example, if you are filling out the FAFSA for the 2012-2013 academic year, you will need information from your 2011 federal income tax return(s), W-2(s), etc. You will also need to list Auburn Montgomery's Title IV school code (008310) on the FAFSA to have your information released to this institution.  We recommend students and parent complete federal tax return each year prior to completing FAFSA. 

  4. Submit FAFSA

    Go to to complete your FAFSA online. Make sure that you electronically sign your application with your PIN. If you are a dependent student, make sure that one of your parents sign with their PIN as well.

  5. Check your AUM e-mail account often

    Your AUM e-mail account is the official mode of communication for the university. Be sure to check your e-mail account on a regular basis. If additional information or documentation is needed once you have submitted your FAFSA, an e-mail request will be sent to you.

  6. Aid package will be awarded

    The Auburn Montgomery Financial Aid Office will create an award package and you will be notified of your eligibility. Your aid package will be based on the information provided on the FAFSA, as well as, institutional information. An award information e-mail will be sent once you have been awarded.  Also, you may check your Webster account for your award information.

MyAUM Student Portal

We encourage you to learn to use Webster for reviewing your financial aid status and monitoring your student account information. At the end of the semester you can get your grades from Webster too. Webster is generally available 24 hours a day and on weekends. To view your account through Webster, please sign into the MyAUM student portal and click on the Webster icon in the LauchPad box. If you check Webster and have additional financial aid questions, please give us a call at (334) 244-3571.

AUM Financial Aid Telephone Number: 334-244-3571