International Student Admissions

Mandatory Health Insurance

All Auburn University at Montgomery foreign national students (F-1/J-1 visas) and their dependents (F-2 and J-2 visas) are required to participate in the AUM Group Health Insurance Plan. As part of the University's continuing commitment to facilitating our international students' transition to pursuing their studies at AUM; however, the cost of the health insurance plan will be paid by the University for F-1 student visa holders enrolled in an AUM academic program. We remain committed to the health, welfare and safety of our international students. The cost of insurance plans for J-1 students, their family members (J-2 visa holders) and family members of  F-1 students (F-2 visa holders), however, remains the responsibility of the F-1/J-1 visa holder, as appropriate. 

The AU Group Health Insurance Plan was chosen after an intensive comparison among various competing programs. The selection process made a good faith effort to pick the most cost-effective program, providing our foreign national students and scholars with the best health and sickness coverage for the cost. The AUM Group Health Insurance Plan is provided by United Healthcare Student Resources of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Insurance Coordinator

Ms. Kellie Brescia is the Insurance Coordinator of the Auburn University at Montgomery AUM Group Health Insurance for International Students. Ms. Brescia provides our students with a number of important services related to their health care plan.

    • Claim assistance
    • Adding dependents
    • Insurance card distribution
    • Policy questions

While the Insurance Coordinator can assist students and scholars with their insurance questions, they should be aware that due to the complex nature of health insurance information, we are not always able to provide specific detailed information on an individual case without researching the specifics of that case.

For specific questions you may send an email to with your information and request. All emails should include your Banner ID number and the names as well as identification number of anyone you may be asking questions about. Please include as many details as possible. In many cases, we can respond to you via email or phone.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your insurance benefits, please email with your Banner ID, name, and several possible times that you could meet. It is best to make an appointment to ensure full attention can be given to your concerns.

All billing concerns are made directly to United Healthcare by the student, this is due to HIPAA, Health Information Privacy. Please call the number on the back of your insurance card for all billing inquiries. 


Under certain exceptional circumstances students and scholars or dependents may waive out of the mandatory requirements if they can show proof of insurance coverage that is EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN the coverage provided by the AUM International Student and Scholar Health insurance Plan. Students and scholars should be aware that waivers are rarely given. Policies purchased abroad do not typically meet the AUM mandatory requirements. U.S. Department of State minimum requirements are also not equivalent to the AUM insurance plan. 

To obtain a waiver, the student must submit an International Waiver Application. This application must be completed and signed BY THE PROPOSED INSURANCE COMPANY which attests their coverage is equal to or greater than the AUM insurance plan. The fully completed and signed waiver application must be submitted to Ms. Kellie Brescia in 119 Administration Building by the ninth day of your program or semester.  

Waiver Form