Seamless Admission

Admission Process & Requirements

What is Seamless Admission?

With Seamless Admission, participants enroll to take their first-year core courses as an Auburn Montgomery student. You may choose to take your classes at either the AU or AUM campus. Once you complete 30 hours of core coursework in the program with a GPA of at least 2.5, you are guaranteed admission to AU as a sophomore. Should you choose a major that has requirements above and beyond AU's general standards, you must also meet those requirements. Students who do not satisfy these requirements will be encouraged to apply for admission to Auburn at a later date.

Who is Eligible?

Seamless is designed to allow students who were not admitted for the first year at AU to fulfill their goal of becoming an Auburn student.

  • You must have a completed new freshman application to AU for admission

To be eligible for the program, you must meet Auburn Montgomery’s admission criteria:

  • A composite score of 18 on the ACT or 860 on the SAT
  • A GPA of at least 2.3

To be eligible for classes on the AU campus, you must have ACT sub scores of 18 in English and 20 in Math or SAT sub scores of 450 in Verbal and 540 in Math. 

How does the Admission Process Work? 

Invitations are mailed to all students meeting minimum eligibility requirements for the program starting mid-November. Invited students indicate their interest in Seamless Admission through an online interest form. After a student officially indicates interest, Auburn University forwards the student’s application and educational information to Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM). In February, Seamless Admission sends, electronically and by regular mail, interested students more information about the program and how to reserve a space in the program.

Invited students are not officially accepted into the program until they have paid a confirmation deposit to reserve their space. Since spaces in this very popular program are limited, students are urged to submit their interest and reserve their space as early as possible. The confirmation deposit will be accepted until June 1 or until the program is full (whichever date comes first).

If I am denied admission to Auburn University on February 15th or after, will all the spots in the Seamless Admission program be taken by people who were denied admission before me in November and December? 
No. Invitations are mailed out on a rolling basis starting in November and through early Spring as admission decisions are being made by Auburn University. The majority of AU decisions are made on November 15, December 15, and February 15. Seamless decisions happen later. As of mid- to late February, everyone who has received an invitation and has expressed interest in attending the Seamless program will be sent instructions on how to submit a confirmation deposit to secure a seat in the program. This allows everyone an equal chance to secure a spot in the program, regardless of what date you receive your invitation.