Seamless Admission

Which Campus is Best For Me? 

The Seamless Program operates on two campuses, Auburn and Auburn and Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM).  There are unique benefits to each campus, so please read below to discover which campus best suits your needs.  
AUM Campus

    • Classes are offered throughout the day and night Monday - Thursday.  This schedule allows Seamless students a variety of class times to choose from and maybe best suited for those students who have a job or other responsibilities that would require a more flexible class schedule.  
    • Students are advised on the AUM campus and register themselves for elective classes based on their targeted Auburn major.
    • A full assortment of core classes and electives are offered on the AUM campus. This is important to note for those students entering the Seamless program with existing college credit or duel enrollment hours.  It is also important for those students wanting to start taking major specific classes in their freshmen year.   
    • The student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1. Classes are kept small, giving you more personal attention and allowing your professors to get to know you.
    • Pending a student's math placement, a not-for-credit developmental math course(s) (MATH 0700/07001 and/or MATH 0800/0801) may be required before a student is eligible to take a transferable core level math.  Developmental courses are only available on AUMs campus. 
    • Big campus benefits with a small campus feel gives you full access to campus life, academic support services, and on-campus housing.

Auburn Campus

    • Classes on the Auburn campus start at 3 pm and run into the evening hours Monday through Thursday. Science labs vary depending on the availability of lab space and could end as late at 10:50 pm.
    • Students take courses exclusively with other Seamless students in a learning community model.
    • Classes on the Auburn campus are limited to only general core courses.  While all classes taken while in Seamless will transfer to Auburn, there is no guarantee that the classes offered will align with what is needed for every Auburn major.  However, all attempts are made for this to happen.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Classes:

    1. How many semesters is the Seamless Admission program? Seamless is a year long program.  While most participants complete the required 30 hours in the Fall and Spring, special circumstances do require some students to take Summer classes. If you find that you are in need of taking Summer classes, we will work with you so that you can complete your coursework on either the AUM main campus or at an institution near your home, pending good academic standing.  Summer classes are not offered at Auburn.  
    2. Do you accept dual enrollment or early enrollment credits? Yes. Dual enrollment credits may be used towards the 30 hour requirement. However, please keep in mind if you are eligible and choose to take classes on the Auburn campus, classes are limited to only general core courses.  Thus, those students with many dual enrollment hours may be subject to taking online courses to supplement their semester schedule because it may be difficult to obtain, on the Auburn campus, a full-time schedule if too many college credits are completed prior to the start of the program. If you are a student entering the program with duel enrollment credits, making the choice to attend the AUM campus may be more beneficial as classes are not as limited.
    3. Do you accept AP or IB credit? AP and IB credit will not count towards the 30-semester hour requirement, however when you transfer to Auburn, they will accept the credit. 
    4. What types of classes will I be taking while in the program? 

          Required Coursework:
          English Composition I & II – 6 hours
          World History I or II – 3 hours
          A Science (with a lab) – 4 hours
          A non-developmental math course – 3 or 4 hours
          The College Experience (Auburn Campus) – 1 hour 
          Success Strategies (Auburn Campus)– 1 hour 
          UNIV 1003 (AUM Campus)- 3 hours

          Other Courses that Could be Utilized to Complete the 30-hour Requirement:
          Sociology or Psychology – 3 hours
          American Government – 3 hours
          Fine Arts – 3 hours
          Philosophy – 3 hours      
          Anthropology- 3 hours

    5. When do I register for classes? 

    • Students on the Auburn Campus are registered for their classes after their chosen orientation date by their Seamless academic advisor. The academic advisor will take into consideration any dual enrollment credits when creating a students schedule. Since classes on the Auburn campus are after 3pm and lockstep based on prerequisites (Example: Fall Semester – English Composition I and Spring Semester – English Composition II) the academic advisor registers the Seamless students in accordance to the AU core curriculum model. Students receive their schedule by email after the last Auburn campus orientation session in late July. 
    • Students on the Montgomery Campus register for their own classes at orientation. They meet with their academic advisor and register for classes in accordance to their Auburn projected major.