Seamless Admission

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Admission and Eligibility FAQs

Who can participate in the Seamless Admission Program?
Auburn University works with Auburn University at Montgomery to identify eligible students who applied for freshman admission to Auburn University but will not be offered traditional admission. This select group of students is invited to participate in the Seamless Admission program.

How does the admission process work?
Invited students interested in receiving more information about the program indicate their interest in Seamless Admission on the online interest form found here.  After a student officially indicates interest, Auburn University forwards the student’s application and educational information to Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM). In February, Seamless Admission sends, electronically and by regular mail, interested students more information about the program, including how to reserve a space in the program. Invited students are not officially accepted into the program until they have paid a confirmation deposit to reserve their space. Since spaces in this very popular program are limited, students are urged to submit their interest and reserve their space as early as possible. The confirmation deposit will be accepted until June 1 or until the program is full (whichever date comes first).

Where do I send my updated ACT or SAT test scores? 
If you have updated ACT or SAT test scores, please have them sent to AUM Admissions not Auburn Admissions.  You can email an official copy of your updated scores to or fax them to 334-244-3795.  Alternatively, you can send official ACT or SAT test scores to:

Auburn Montgomery Admissions Office 
P.O. Box 244023 
Montgomery, AL 36124-4023 
Fax: (334) 244-3795

If I am denied admission to Auburn University on February 15th or after, will all the spots in the Seamless Admission program be taken by people who were denied admission before me in November and December?
No. Invitations are mailed out on a rolling basis starting in November and through early spring as admission decisions are being made by Auburn University. The majority of Auburn decisions are made on November 15, December 15, and February 15. Seamless decisions happen later. In late February, everyone who has received an invitation and has expressed interest in attending the Seamless program will be sent instructions on how to submit a confirmation deposit to secure a seat in the program. This allows everyone an equal chance to secure a spot in the program, regardless of what date you receive your invitation.

Academic FAQs

How many semesters is the Seamless Admission program?

Seamless is a year long program.  While most participants complete the required 30 hours in the Fall and Spring, special circumstances do require some students to take Summer classes. If you find that you are in need of taking Summer classes, we will work with you so that you can complete your coursework on either the AUM campus or at an institution near your home, pending good academic standing.  

If I am doing really well in my first semester of the Seamless program, can I transfer to Auburn at the end of the Fall semester?
No.  Seamless students are not eligible to transfer to Auburn mid-year.   

Will students have to re-submit official transcripts (high school/college) to AUM?
No. Students do not have to re-submit their official transcripts to Auburn Montgomery until they graduate.The Auburn Montgomery Office of Admissions and Recruiting will work with the Auburn Admissions Office to obtain the initial transcript, ACT and/or SAT scores you have already sent to Auburn. Once the student graduates from high school please send an official final transcript to:

Auburn Montgomery Admissions Office
P.O. Box 244023
Montgomery, AL 36124-4023
Fax: (334) 244-3795

Do you accept dual enrollment or early enrollment credits?
Yes. Dual enrollment credits will be taken into account when you are being academically advised and will count towards your major and class standing.  However dual enrollment will not count in the 30 AUM hours needed for transfer to Auburn.   

Do you accept AP or IB credit?
AP and IB credit will not count towards the 30-semester hour requirement.  However, you can receive credit for these classes once you transfer to Auburn. 

Do I need to take the Math Placement Exam?
The Math Placement exam is an educational assessment tool used to assess a student's skill level in mathematics for students who score below a 20 in Math portion of the ACT or below a 540 on the Math portion of the SAT. The results are used to determine appropriate course placement. You are only allowed to take the Math Placement exam twice, with a 30 day wait period between the first and second test dates. Pending a student's math placement, a developmental math course(s) (MATH 0700/0701 and/or MATH 0800/0801) may be required before a student is eligible to take a transferable core level math.  If a student is placed in a developmental math course(s), the student must successfully pass the course(s) before transferring to Auburn. Developmental courses do count towards a students 30 hours required for transfer, however they do not count for overall class standing.  For more information regarding Math Placement, please Freida Warren at 334-244-3721 or via email at
Do developmental courses count towards the 30 hours required for transfer?
Developmental courses do count towards your required 30 credit hours in the program, but they do not count towards your overall class standing.  These courses are required courses for those who did not score high enough on the ACT, SAT, or Math Placement exam. If you scored below a 20/510 on the Math portion of the ACT/SAT, you are required to take the Math Placement exam. Pending a student's math placement, a developmental math course (s) (MATH 0700/0701 and/or MATH 0800/0801) may be required before a student is eligible to take a transferable core level math class. If a student is placed in a developmental math course(s), the student must successfully pass the course(s) before being allowed to take a transferable core math class.

General Program FAQs

Am I eligible to receive financial aid while in the Seamless Program?
Yes.  Because all Seamless Students will be enrolled at AUM for their first year, all financial aid documents, including FAFSA, should be sent to the AUM Financial Aid Office. Please handle all FAFSA forms and financial aid concerns prior to attending Orientation. Financial Aid staff will be on hand to answer any additional questions that day.  AUMs Federal School Code is 008310.

Will I be required to attend Seamless orientation?
Yes. Orientation is mandatory. 

If I choose to attend my classes at AUM, do I have to live on campus?
No. You do not have to live on-campus.  However, it is highly encouraged that you live on-campus if you live more than 20 miles from AUM's campus.  There is a dedicated Seamless living/learning community that is designed to suit Seamless students needs.  For more information click here.

Can Seamless Students pledge an Auburn fraternity or sorority?
Due to Auburn University’s fraternity and sorority chapter regulations, you must be an Auburn University student to join a fraternity or sorority.  However, Seamless students may join an Auburn fraternity or sorority their sophomore year after they receive their Auburn acceptance.  Alternatively, Seamless students can join an AUM fraternity or sorority in their Seamless year and transfer their membership to Auburn when they transfer. 

Can Seamless Students attend Auburn football games?
Yes. They may purchase regular admission football tickets through the Auburn Athletics ticket office; however, Seamless Students are not eligible to purchase seats in the Auburn Student Section.

Where do students in Seamless Admission attend classes?
Seamless students take their classes on the AUM campus. 

What are some of the advantages of being in Seamless Admission?
Students will benefit from a variety of support programs and student services offered by each institution, including access to both AUM's Learning Center and Auburn University's Writing Center. Students also will have access to many Auburn University campus activities, including the ability to join most clubs and organizations, intramural sports and sport clubs, and attend non-ticketed athletic events. Upon successful completion of the Seamless Admission program, which includes meeting transfer admission requirements for their intended majors, students will be eligible to fully matriculate to Auburn University.