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As China's economy grows and China's cultural exchanges increase, the world's demand for Chinese learning has also increased. As China benefited from learning the national languages of the UK, France, Germany, and Spain, China began its own exploration of establishing non-profit institutions which would aim to promote Chinese language and culture in foreign countries in 2004. These institutions were given the name the Confucius Institute.

In the last 10 years, Confucius Institutes around the world have made remarkable achievements including a steady growth. By the end of 2-13 there were over 440 Confucius Institutes around the world. Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms have flexible teaching patterns and adapt to suit local conditions when teaching Chinese language and promoting culture in primary schools, secondary schools, communities, and enterprises around the world.

The AUM/HBUE Confucius Institute is designed to develop and facilitate the teaching of the Chinese language and promote educational and cultural exchanges in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Confucius Institute.