Confucius Institute

AUM's Confucius Institute Day celebration will be Friday, September 26th which will include a movie showing, a luncheon with tradition Chinese performances, and a simple Chinese class.

During AUM's WOW (Weeks of Welcome) events, the Confucius Institute hosted a Tea Ceremony where students able to try traditional Chinese snacks and tea.

Auburn Montgomery's Confucius Institute just completed its summer camps in China. Students studied the Chinese language, Chinese culture, and visited tourist attractions including the Forbidden City, Great Wall, and Three Gorges Dam during their trip.

AUM's Confucius Institute celebrated its one year anniversary by hosting a ground-breaking of the Confucius Garden, a Chinese music workshop for children in local schools, and a Chinese opera and aerobatics performance.

On February 28th, the Auburn Montgomery Confucius Institute was invited to give a Chinese lecture at the Fulbright Seminar. Attendees learned basic Chinese history, demographics, as well as learning how to do their own Chinese paper cutting.

AUM Confucius Institute celebrated the end of the school year this spring by giving its Chinese language and culture students certificates at its partner elementary and middle schools.



Celebrating the Ending of Spring Semester Chinese Classes

The Confucius Institute at Auburn University at Montgomery invited its weekend students in all Chinese classes to attend a Chinese Tea Ceremony & Chinese Dumpling Workshop to celebrate the end of the spring semester of Chinese Classes.

On April 26th at the AUM BCM, Confucius Institute teachers demonstrated a "Chinese Tea Ceremony", providing the students with a firsthand look of how Chinese brew and drink various kinds of tea.  After that, a Chinese dumpling workshop was provided for parents and kids to participate in. Every participant ate the dumplings as well as some other kinds of traditional Chinese food.

End of the Year Tea Ceremony
End of the Year Dumpling Party