International Students

What to Bring

The following information is provided to answer questions students may have concerning what to bring, what not to bring when you arrive on campus, and other related information.


Each COMMONS apartment contains a living/dining area, four private bedrooms, and two full baths. The floors are combination carpet/tile. The living/dining area contains a loveseat and a lounge chair, a corner table, a dining table and four dining chairs. Each bedroom contains a study desk with chair, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, and a single bed. The kitchen unit contains a microwave, refrigerator, and sink. A laundry room is located on the first floor.

Each COURTYARDS apartment contains a full bath and a kitchen unit. Each living/sleeping area contains two study desks with chairs, two chest-of-drawers, two wardrobes, and two single beds. The kitchen unit contains a stove, a sink and refrigerator. The bath is fully equipped with a tub and shower (apartments for residents with physical disabilities have showers only). Each building also contains a laundry room.

NOTE: Smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited in all student apartments!

What to Bring
It is suggested that the following articles be either brought from home or purchased here upon arrival. Some of these items could be purchased jointly with your roommate.
1. Vacuum for North Commons
2. Broom and/or dustmop
3. Small ironing board and iron
4. Bedspread, blanket, sheets, pillow slips, pillow, mattress pad (NOTE: all mattresses are extra long measuring 36" by 80")
5. Wastepaper baskets
6. Towels and washcloths
7. Clothes hangers
8. Laundry bags, detergent, fabric softener sheets
9. Small cooking pans (for apartments with stoves) or microwave dishes (for apartments with microwaves) and eating utensils
10. Shower curtain, bath mat
11. Study lamp, table lamp, and/or floor lamp (halogen lamps are prohibited)
12. Shelves, area rugs (for West Courtyards apartments), small rugs
13. Toilet articles, including soap, toilet paper, etc.
14. Analog telephone that can be connected to an RJ11 telephone jack 15. Power strips
16. Cleaning supplies
17. Winter coat
18. Computer with the following minimum requirements:
1) 350 MHz Pentium II or compatible processor
2) 64 MB of RAM
3) One of the four following operating systems:
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Professional
4) Either one of the two following connectivity options
USB (preferred)
5) Anti-virus software (Norton, McAfee, etc.) is highly recommended

PLEASE NOTE: The use of music sharing programs such as Morpheus, AudioGalaxy, and Kazaa is prohibited. Online gaming software may or may not work with this service and will NOT be supported in any way by the AUM staff.

What Not to Bring
The following articles are not appropriate in the resident's apartment. Please do not bring these articles.
1. Pets (small fish are acceptable)
2. Barbells
3. Percussion instruments - drums, cymbals, etc.
4. Firearms, fireworks, and explosive chemicals
5. Fry Daddy, Fry Baby, electric skillet, electric heater (current fire safety codes prohibit the use of these in our facilities)

6. Candles, oil-burning lamps, halogen lamps and incense are prohibited under the current fire safety codes (REMINDER: All apartments are smoke-free and tobacco-free.)

Room Cleaning

All students are expected to maintain their own apartments. Regular health and safety inspections are routinely conducted by Housing staff. The University does provide a general maintenance and cleaning staff, but this is only for public areas within each building.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I work?  
Yes, you can work on campus if positions are available. Go by the AUM Career Development Office and fill out the application forms to apply for employment. Off-campus work is limited to those students who file for Optional Practical Training, Curricular Practical Training or Severe Economic Hardship work authorization. You must have been in F- I status for one academic year to apply. Check with ISP (International Student Program) for details.

My visa has expired. What do I do? 
Nothing, until you travel home. The entry visa stamp allows the student to come to the U.S. It does not have any effect on the individual's legal status after entry into the U.S. A visa can be allowed to expire and will not affect the individual's legal immigration status. Visa stamps can only be obtained outside the U.S. at a U.S. Consulate/Embassy.

I want to get involved in campus activities, what do I do? How do I meet people from my country? How do I get to know some Americans?
Campus involvement is as easy as contacting the Student Activities Advisor. The International Student Association is a good place to start. It is comprised of friendly international students.

What is the weather like?
The climate is southern, so we have 40 degree temps in the winter, with some days dropping to 20 degrees, but very few. Summer temperatures range from 80s into the 90s.

I have a lot of problems and I just need someone to talk to, what do I do?
AUM offers free counseling. Contact the AUM Counseling Center at 334-244-3469 for an appointment with a licensed counselor who will listen and talk with you about your problems.

I have had trouble with English and math in the past. Do you have a tutoring facility?
The AUM Learning Center, located in the Library Tower has free tutoring in math and English. 
They also have provided an online site for Math Tutoring; some students have said this site is helpful for math. (Please note, AUM does not endorse this site nor do we recommend this for purchase.)
Math Doctor 

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