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Upcoming 2015 Programs: Monterey, Mexico and Sri Lanka 

Monterey, Mexico

Tecnológico de Monterrey: More information coming soon.

Ulsan, Korea 

LaTU Group

The University of Ulsan: Ulsan International Program (UIP)

Program Type:
Exchange Program

Dates: July 7, 2014 to August 1, 2014

Program Overview: The main topic of the UIP is 'The Tradition & Industrialization of Korea'. UIP equips students with a broad understanding of other cultures and helps participants respect and accept people with unfamiliar backgrounds. Since participants come from all over the world, students share a wide range of cultural interests, backgrounds and traditions.  

During 4 weeks, participants experience many different aspects of Korea such as sitting on the floor during meals and sleeping on the floor at night. The program includes a one-night stay at a Buddhist temple, and a four-day visit to Seoul; presidential place, Asan hospital of the UOU medical school (arguably the largest in the world) and observatory tower for North Korean border.

Credit Hours: 3 AUM Credit Hours

Program Cost: Tuition, Room and Board Waived. Includes $500 Scholarship which can be used towards airfare. 

Application Deadline
: Contact Study Abroad

: Morghan Prude 



Ulsan, Korea 

Ulsan, Korea

Ulsan International Program: Learn and Teach in Ulsan (LaTU) 

Program Type: Exchange Program

:  Fall Semester 2014

Program Overview: Learn and Teach Ulsan, or LaTU, is a scholarship program sponsored by the University of Ulsan (UOU). Students are expected to teach English to UOU undergraduate students as a tutor, while studying at the University of Ulsan. Students in the LaTU program are expected to teach English for 10 hours per week and spend one hour per week on outdoor activities with students. A one-week orientation is required prior to beginning the assignment. 

Program Cost: $250 (Room and Board/Tuition Covered) 

Additional Information: Students participating will receive $550 a month for 8 hours of tutoring a week.  
Application Deadline: Contact Study Abroad

Application Information

: Morghan Prude 

Beijing Forbidden City

The Confucius Institute at AUM: Summer Camp to China

Dates: May 12, 2014 to May 26, 2014

Program Type: Summer Camp 

Program Overview: The AUM Confucius Institute offers a travel and learning experience to China in the summer of 2014. The purpose of this trip is to promote the understanding of Chinese culture, language, and society. Students will have an opportunity to visit three fantastic cities in fifteen days, including Beijing (the capital of China), Wuhan, and Yichang. During the trip, students will not only see gorgeous scenery, but also learn and experience the Chinese traditional and modern culture.

Program Cost:This program has been subsidized by a scholarship from AUM, Hanban and HBUE. Round international flight cost about $1,500 and a passport and visa application fee (if the student does not already have one) is $350.

Up to $1,200 scholarship is available for some AUM students. Full time students with two preceding semesters attended at AUM are preferred.

Application DeadlineContact The Confucius Institute

Na Li


Shiga Prefecture, Japan 

The University of Shiga Prefecture

The University of Shiga Prefecture Intensive Japanese Language and Culture

: Summer 2014 (Mid to late May)

Program Type: Exchange Program 

Program Overview: Auburn University at Montgomery and The University of Shiga Perfecture have connected with a reciprocal student exchange program. Students will learn 2 semesters worth of Japanese instruction, including culture and history. There will be several excursions, cultural events, and daily opportunities to mix, mingle, and study with regular Japanese students.

Program Cos
t:¥ 450,000 (about $4,500) per student. Does not include airfare, food or personal expenses. 

Application DeadlineContact Study Abroad

Morghan Prude