Career Development Center

Career Action Plan for Students

During your FRESHMAN (or 1st) Year, you should
  1. Register with Warhawk JOBS
  2. Meet with your academic advisor to plan courses to take 
  3. Get a FOCUS2 user ID through AUM Career Development Center (self-assessment with information on majors and occupations, helping identify those that “fit” you)
  4. Meet with a career counselor to go over FOCUS2 results
  5. Explore the academic major(s) AUM offers which will enhance your skill set to pursue your career goals 
  6. Learn AUM academic requirements behind each major you’ve chosen
  7. Schedule a follow-up meeting with your academic advisor to discuss findings on majors and related occupations
  8. Other resources for exploration include the following:
    1. Job Shadowing
    2. Explore and join student and professional organizations
    3. Attend AUM career fairs, workshops, and events 
  9. Make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss next steps

During your SOPHOMORE (or 2nd) Year, you should...

  1. Reflect on and adjust previous career/academic plan based on experiences & knowledge
  2. Discuss with your academic advisor how your academic plan integrates with your career goal
  3. Make an appointment to discuss career goals and appropriate experimental learning opportunities
  4. Continue involvement in student organizations and/or community service
  5. Attend a resume writing seminar
  6. Update your profile, develop your resume, and upload it into Warhawk JOBS
  7. Attend an interview preparation seminar or view online at website
  8. Develop your “30 second elevator pitch” or positioning statement
  9. Schedule a mock interview with a career counselor
  10. Attend AUM Fall and/or Spring Career Fairs


During your JUNIOR (or 3rd) Year, you should...

  1. Update your profile and resume in Warhawk JOBS
  2. Reflect on and adjust previous career/academic plan
  3. Consult with your academic advisor to confirm degree requirements
  4. Assume leadership roles in student organizations
  5. Continue developing skills and relationships to increase your employability
  6. Research careers thoroughly to target job options and career areas within the major that fit your career goals
  7. Use community business forums and professional organizations for networking and information gathering
  8. Be active in CDC seminars and events, including:
    1. Resume Writing
    2. Interview Skills/Preparation
    3. Job Search Strategies
    4. Skills Employers Value
    5. Special programs-panels, etc.

During your SENIOR (or 4th) Year, you should...

  1. Update your profile and resume in Warhawk JOBS
  2. Meet with a career counselor for final review on your positioning statement, cover letters, resumes, target lists, & plan
  3. Develop job search agents through Warhawk JOBS
  4. Continue to build and keep in touch with your network
  5. Identify on and off-campus interview opportunities
  6. Apply for jobs or entrance into graduate/professional schools
  7. Schedule mock interview(s) to improve interview skills
  8. Visit CDC for information on salaries and relocating
  9. Attend Career Fairs as needed/desired
  10. Cultivate job and graduate school offers and negotiate for the optimal fit
  11. Contact AUM Career Development Center after graduation to advise of your employment status