Career Development Center

Career Assessments

Introducing FOCUS2...  Your career guide for good decision making!

Career assessments heighten self-understanding and assist with career decision-making. They help students identify unique interests, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics.  The AUM Career Development Center uses an on-line career assessment tool, FOCUS2, to assist you in learning how your unique blend of skills, interests, and values are used in the workplace. 

Creating your FOCUS2 account to begin your career exploration is easy!  CLICK HERE TO BEGIN!  The access code you will need to create your account is: GOWARHAWKS

The following model provides phases to help you understand how personality traits and skills intersect with career and major choices, empowering them to make more informed career decisions.


Career Development Cycle

Phases -- Key Questions -- Steps

  • Learn About Yourself
  • What do I like? -- What am I good at? -- What do I value about work?
  • Learn Occupational Matches
  • Which occupations may be a good fit for me?
  • Learn Suggested Majors (per occupation)
  • What do I like to study? -- What are my best subjects?
  • Apply Knowledge
  • How do I make decisions? -- How do I prepare?

Meet with career counselor often to develop or focus your career action plan as you meet with academic advisor to develop your academic plan. These should ALWAYS go hand in hand as you progress!