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Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
158 Taylor Center

Auburn University Montgomery (AUM) views diversity as holistic, global, and evolving; while this includes traditional notions of identity, it also makes room for emerging voices that shape the human experience in an increasingly global society.  This philosophy further informs institutional mission, planning, and practices, i.e. the allocation of resources, recruitment/hiring strategies, professional development emphases, student leadership opportunities, academic course offerings, and formal and informal teaching-and-learning.  

A unit of the Student Affairs Division, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs situates contemporary multicultural education at the center of AUM's student-experience, helping create a community where everyone has a place and a voice.

The Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs helps Auburn University Montgomery situate comprehensive diversity as an evolving core value that informs every aspect of institutional identity, planning, and practice.

Auburn University Montgomery provides every student with conscious and reflective diversity experiences that in turn generate social responsibility and grant global citizenship; this collective experience further positions AUM as a model university that graduates leaders who can negotiate the complexities of an evolving global society.