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“From AUM to Independence: It’s All in How You See It.”
Speaker: Allison Wetherbee

Ms. Wetherbee described her journey from a person/student with a “disability” to an independent woman/professional.  

“Before We Were Us, We Were Them:  Immigration and Alabama."
Exhibition Opening Reception

This student-curated exhibition presented a visual history of immigration in Alabama and features contemporary photographs and interviews, as well as historical photographs and documents borrowed from the Library of Congress, the Alabama Department of Archives and History, and the Cullman County Museum. 

“Meet the AUM Confucius Institute”           

The Holocaust Educational Program
AUM’s 12th annual Holocaust Educational Program will highlighted the tragic event in history via a film screening, stories from Holocaust survivors, a candlelight memorial, and local high school essay contest winners.

Unity Day
AUM student organizations and administrative units expressed their perceptions of and contributions to making AUM a diverse community that is anchored in the concept of “unity” across all lines.  Students learned about the student organizations that reflect AUM’s rich cultural diversity.  In addition, Student Affairs provided individuals opportunities to create their own “expressions of unity.”

Thanks Giving Around the World
Auburn Montgomery believes that people around the world are really more similar than different. Thanks Giving Around the World, as a global-education initiative, challenges that philosophy. The focus is to show guests that Thanksgiving as Americans know it, along with its cultural, emotional, and personal foundations, reflect a human experience, not an American invention.  This concept is not unique to American culture, which means that most other American celebrations/holidays are also global events, World languages give these events different names.


AUM Women Speak . . . 
AUM women leaders shared their journeys to success.

Women's Wellness Symposium
Experts discussed women’s health issues, including cancers,stress/depression, heart disease, and HIV; guests also visited resource stations for on-site blood-pressure & cholesterol screenings, as well as general information on these and other illnesses.  Several MGM women’s health & wellness agencies were invited to participate.

African American Alumni Reception
The African-American Alumni Reception was held on Auburn Montgomery's campus on Oct. 27, 2011. This culminated three years of celebration, which as promised, was more informative and exciting than the previous two.

Day of the Dead
Faculty, staff, and students gathered in 230 Taylor Center on October 31 to learn about an important traditional Mexican celebration, The Day of the Dead. Dr. Pamela Long, our keynote speaker, informed the audience on the importance of this event expanding minds to consider other cultures. Faculty, staff, and students not only left with a taste of Mexican cuisine, but also an open mind to Mexican culture.


Cinco de Mayo
Faculty, staff, and students gathered in 230 Taylor Center on May 5 to learn about Cinco de Mayo. Dr. Maria Leach, associate professor of Accounting and Finance, delivered a talk on the history of the day and challenged misconceptions. The audience also enjoyed a live, authentic mariachi band and dined on authentic Mexican cuisine.

Diversity Education Week
Auburn Montgomery kicked-off this year’s Diversity Education Week with a trip to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute on April 22. On Monday, students gathered in the Quad where they released 100 “diversity” balloons to spread “diversity at AUM” to surrounding communities. On Tuesday, Dr. Paul Hard covered a brief history of the GLBTQ community, followed later that night by a showing/discussion of the movie Crash (Phadra Foster of the English and Philosophy Department facilitated the discussion). On Wednesday, Sonya Griffin, director of AUM Cytotechnology, lectured on the importance of Pap smear and the HPV Vaccine in Alabama and the disparity of access to such health care by many women of color. The week ended on Thursday with a Women’s Empowerment Symposium, featuring lectures and seminars on the following topics: relationships, education, finances, and health and wellness, all to be used as tools of empowerment for women.  

From Slavery to Freedom: The Jewish Passover 
In our ongoing commitment to honoring cultural rituals steeped in history and social justice, Auburn Montgomery hosted a Passover Seder on March 28. Attendees participated in an actual ritual that celebrated the event and its meaning to the Jewish people. Dr. Shelia Guidry of Auburn Montgomery’s School of Sciences led the program.

The American Spiritual Ensemble
Led by Montgomery native Dr. Everett McCorvey, the American Spiritual Ensemble filled 109 Goodwyn Hall on Feb. 14 with Negro spirituals, Broadway classics, and standards.

Martin Luther King Jr.Reflections Breakfast and Service Day: A Day On, Not a Day Off
Over 200 students, faculty, staff, and members of the Montgomery community came to 221-223 Taylor Center on Jan. 18 to celebrate Dr. King's legacy. Montgomery District Attorney Ellen Brooks was the keynote speaker. After the breakfast, AUM and Montgomery community members went throughout the city to do volunteer work in the spirit of Dr. King's Dream.

Auburn Montgomery celebrated Kwanzaa on Dec. 9, 2010, in 230 Taylor Center. Father Manuel Williams, C.R. from Resurrection Catholic Missions spoke about the significance of the holiday.

Thanksgiving Around the World
AUM students gathered on Nov. 17, 2010, to show that “everyone is more similar than different . . . around the world.” American students of diverse cultures shared their Thanksgiving experience (as an American holiday) and international cultures shared insight on their cultural celebration that most resembles the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Everyone also sampled cuisine associated with the cultural holidays. A highlight of the evening: all students shared in writing and in their own language/dialect one something they are grateful for this year.

Auburn Montgomery Inaugural African-American Alumni Reception

October 21, 2010 - The Auburn Montgomery second annual African-American Alumni Reception was held at 126 Coosa St. Over a hundred alumni, faculty, administrators and guests attended the reception. 


"Cinco de Mayo Celebration: An Historical Look at the Holiday" 
Auburn Montgomery celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a lecture from Dr. Maria Leach (bottom right photo) of the AUM School of Business. Her talk, “Cinco de Mayo: An Historical Look at the Holiday,” challenged many assumptions surrounding the holiday, while explaining how the truth has been co-opted by commercialization. Participants also enjoyed Mexican folk songs and authentic Mexican food.

Diversity Education Week 
Auburn Montgomery celebrated Diversity Education Week, sponsoring one diversity seminar/activity per day. Topics included:

  • Disability: Another Form of Ability

  • HIV, Minorities and the Poor

  • American Indians in Alabama: Facts and Fictions

  • SafeZone

The week's signature event, "At AUM, Diversity is a Hands-On Matter," was highlighted by over 400 faculty, staff and students signing diversity commitments on the Quad. The day also included arts, crafts, food and multicultural music.

The Color Purple
Auburn Montgomery students attended a production of The Color Purple. On the following evening, Timothy Spraggins, assistant vice chancellor for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, and Yulanda Tyre, interim dean of students, co-facilitated a discussion of the play's key social issues, such as gender, violence, religion, class and sexuality.

Remembering the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., April 5

The Rev. Robert Graetz shared memories of working alongside Dr. King, Rosa Parks, E. D. Nixon, Clifford and Virginia Durr and others throughout the Montgomery Bus Boycott and during the broader Civil Rights Movement.

Journeys in Common: Judge Vanzetta Penn McPherson
Over 50 people turned out to hear guest speaker the Honorable Vanzetta Penn McPherson share "My Journey: Reflections, Regrets and Roadblocks." 

Rosa Parks Museum Tour
Twenty-five students and staff members visited the Rosa Parks Museum in commemoration of Women's History Month.

Journeys in Common: A Women's Empowerment Series Panel Discussion
Timothy Spraggins introduced women leaders (academic deans, administrators and faculty) at Auburn Montgomery who shared their "journeys" in an effort to empower others to success.

Marge Champion :"My Integrated Performance with Harry Belafonte in the 1950s South," 
Marge Champion shared her memories of touring and dancing with Belafonte throughout the Deep South during segregation. In the process, she (re)acquainted the audience with the music and life of Belafonte. 

The Montgomery Bus Boycott: A Closer Look Series
"The Montgomery Bus Boycott: A Closer Look" featured a lecture by Georgette Norman, director of the Rosa Parks Museum, and a panel discussion from actual participants in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Auburn Montgomery's Inaugural Martin Luther King Jr Breakfast and Service Day

Over 200 people from the Auburn Montgomery community celebrated the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday by coming together for a reflections breakfast. In addition, 167 faculty, staff and students participated in community service at various locations in the Montgomery area.

Auburn Montgomery Inaugural African American Alumni Reception
The Auburn Montgomery Inaugural African American Alumni Reception was held at the Marriott Legends at Capitol Hill in Prattville. Over 200 alumni, faculty, administrators and guests attended the reception.