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Dr. Nichole Thompson honors Veteran Orientation speaker

Curtiss supports our Veterans

AUM student supports the Office of Accountability and Advocacy

AUM students enjoy cool treats at Advocacy event

AUM students release balloons in honor of sexual assault victims


The Office of Advocacy works with students to help them successfully navigate challenging issues. We also aid with critical incidents, hardships and emergencies that may impede the student’s success and retention at AUM. The office provides guidance to students and/or parents and guardians with difficult needs, emergencies, or student distress.


Our Mission:
The Office of Advocacy serves as advocates in empowering students in their academic and social development through programming, personal interactions and resource guidance.

How We Can Help   
We can help students find answers to questions, familiarize students with campus policies and procedures, and promote awareness and learning in a nonacademic setting. We specialize in problem-solving and helping students be better-informed decision makers. These decisions may involve classes or other aspects of university life.

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