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Summer Camp to China

As part of its mission to promote a greater understanding of Chinese culture, language, education and society, the AUM Confucius Institute is offering  AUM students an opportunity to travel to China.  Participants will have an opportunity to visit three fantastic Chinese cities in fifteen days, including Beijing (the capital of China), Wuhan, and Yichang. During the trip students will not only get to see historic sites and gorgeous scenery but also experience both the traditional and modern culture of China.    

The attached flyer has more details about the deadline for applications, the costs involved in the trip and the possibility of scholarships to cover travel expenses.

For more information, please call Na Li at 334-244-3624 or email


Fulbright Seminar “a Great Success”

Invited by Sponsored and Research Program, AUM Confucius Institute gave a Chinese culture lecture at the “Fulbright Seminar” on Feb. 28, 2014. Chinese Dean Hong Wang, Kerry Li, Rita Li, Na Li and Doris Willis participated at this seminar. This lecture was prepared in advance by surveying possible interested topics about China. The topics introduced include Chinese demographics, differences in ethnics, folk cultures, etc. 

Through an annual appropriation from U.S. Congress, the Fulbright Scholar Program is a program sponsored by U.S. Department of State to increase mutual understanding and support friendly and peaceful relationships between U.S. and other countries. Recipients of Fulbright Scholarship are carefully selected under the management of Department of State. The Fulbright scholarship recipients invited at the seminar come from different countries with expertise in different areas. After the PPT presentation, CI teachers showed how to make Chinese paper cutting by example. Led by Ms. Ye, our guests quickly learned how to cut snow flake, double happiness, and three-dimension of Chinese character “spring”. They felt proud about their first self-made Chinese paper cutting. 

After the event, many scholars expressed their appreciation for this wonderful experience which was deemed to be one of the best introductory lectures they’ve ever been to. Many expressed desire to have this kind of event again in the future.   

An Oriental Monsoon

Sponsored by Headquarters of Confucius Institute and co-sponsored by AUM Confucius Institute and Hangzhou Normal University, the performance “An Oriental Monsoon” received a big applause at Davis Theatre, Montgomery AL on Feb. 11. More than 550 people attended this event, regardless of the crippling weather. 

The performance is crowned a title of "An Oriental Monsoon" in conjunction with the Celebration of Chinese New Year. "An Oriental Monsoon,” is a theatrical production by students of China’s Hangzhou Normal University led by Vice Chancellor Mr. Zhijun Zhang. This is their 5th stop in the U.S. for the tour. Just as what has been introduced, “we are an Oriental Monsoon, coming from China, where people believe in harmonious coexistence and the power of music and dance in promoting mutual understanding and lasting empathy.” Chancellor of AUM Dr. John Veres, Mr. Zhijun Zhang, and AUM Confucius Institute Chinese Dean Diana Wang expressed their sincere wish of the Chinese New Year to everyone. 

The performance was started by a children chorus “China” performed by 10 children from Confucius Institute’s weekend Chinese class. The following program of traditional dance, singing, folk instruments and martial arts is “traditional with a modern flavor.” The audiences enjoyed a fantastic one-hour show including “Tibetan Lasses,” “Bathing in the Light of the Moon,” “Mongolian Bowl Dance,” “The Rhythm of Martial Arts,” and, in a nod to the Chinese New Year celebration of the Year of the Horse (2014), “Thousands of Galloping Horses.” An English song “Country Road” brought much resemblance to the American audiences, in addition to the exotic and foreign oriental monsoon.

2014 Spring Festival Gala

The golden snake is soaring to bid farewell to the old winter, while ten thousand horses are galloping forward to embrace the new spring. On the evening of February 1st, CCAC successfully held the 2014 Spring Festival Gala with the co-sponsor of Auburn University at Montgomery Confucius Institute at AUM Taylor Center. AUM Chancellor Dr. John Veres,Li Guixi,Deputy Consul-general of Consulate-General of People’s Republic of China in Huston, teachers and students from AUM Confucius Institute, CAAC members, Chinese students from AUM, as well as local Chinese and Americans got together joyfully to celebrate the coming of the year of horse. The dragon dance, which featured traditional Chinese culture, opened the prelude of the Gala and received receiving hundreds applause. The following performance of children dance, jazz dance and hip-hop dance spread the cheerful atmosphere around the whole hall. Chinese calligraphy performance “Ma Dao Gong Cheng” let the audience feel the strong festive atmosphere. More impressively, the students from weekend Children’s class of AUM Confucius Institute sang together the song GREAT CHINA finally won the first prize among all the programs. 

Certificate from Resurrection Catholic School

AUM Confucius Institute was invited to Resurrection Catholic School on 27th of January 2014 and was issued a Certificate of its partnership in education in the year of 2013.

The AUM Confucius Institute Celebrates Spring Festival

Feb.11, 7:00 pm-9:00 pm, the AUM Confucius Institute will celebrate Chinese Spring Festival at Davis Theater downtown. Tickets will be free.

Donation to Wares Ferry Elementary School Library

On November 15, Auburn Montgomery’s Confucius Institute donated over 200 Chinese language books, CD’s and movies to Wares Ferry Elementary School Library.

(Left to right, Wares Ferry Elem School Head Librarian Ms. Nina McMath, Confucius Institute Senior Program Associate Doris Willis, Principal Ed Drozdowski, Deputy Dean Confucius institute Diana Wong, student assistant Ray Chen, and Ms. Toni Turner, Wares Ferry Office Staff. )

The AUM Confucius Institute O
ne-year Anniversary Celebration

On November 8, 2013, the AUM Confucius Institute celebrated its one-year anniversary. The festivity lasted for a whole day. In the morning, the ground-breaking ceremony of the Confucius Garden was held. Among the guests at the ceremony was Todd Strange, the mayor of Montgomery, who highly praised AUM for its active role in the internationalization of the city of Montgomery. In the afternoon, over a hundred public school children enjoyed workshops on Chinese traditional music instruments. The celebration reached its climax in the evening with a performance of Peking opera and Chinese acrobatics by the artists from the Binghamton University Confucius Institute.

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2013 U.S. South Confucius Institute Directors’ Conference.

From November 2th to November 3th, Dean QiangZhai and Hong Wang attended the 2013 U.S. South Confucius Institute Directors’ Conference held by Chinese Consulate General in Houston at The University of Texas at San Antonio.




The AUM Confucius Institute at the fourth Montgomery Dragon Boat Festival

The AUM Confucius Institute participated in the fourth Montgomery Dragon Boat Festival, which is the largest festivity of its kind east of the Mississippi River.

Modeled on the traditional Chinese dragon race, the Montgomery Dragon Boat Festival takes place on the Alabama River in August every year.  Over seventy teams participated in this year’s festival, attracting more than ten thousand Montgomery residents to attend and watch. This is the first large-scale community event that the Confucius Institute has participated since its founding in November 2012.

To the Confucius Institute, the Dragon Boat Festival is not only an entertaining event but also an ideal platform to promote Chinese culture. In the evening of August 22, the Confucius Institute served as one of the sponsors for the 2013 Dragon Boat Festival Reception hosted by the Central Alabama Association of Chinese (CAAC). Over one hundred guests representing different walks of life in Montgomery attended the reception, where a slide show on the origins of the Chinese dragon race was presented. As a special guest, Zhang Chuanbin, Deputy Consul General from the PRC Consulate General in Houston spoke on the importance of Sino-American relations. Chinese students from the Confucius Institute performed on Chinese musical instruments, winning rounds of applause from the audience.

On August 24, Confucius Institute staff set up five tents on the bank of the Alabama River, where they displayed Chinese cultural materials and artifacts and distributed gifts and souvenirs such as cups, pens, key-rings, and T-shirts. The dragon boat sponsored by the Confucius Institute performed well in the race. The enthusiasm and team-work spirit demonstrated by the paddlers left a strong impression on American spectators.

Happy Children in Summer

With the help from one of the local children education organizations, and the School of Education, AUM Confucius Institute initiated “Happy Children in Summer” program. Confucius Institute made a special training schedule for this program: 10 topics are given to the kids, which include Chinese Legends and Fairytales, Chinese Songs and Beijing Opera, Chinese Chopsticks and Food, Magic Chinese Words, Chinese PE Activities, etc.
The purpose of this program is to stimulate the imagination and understandings about China. Two Hanban teachers and two volunteers were sent to the learning center to teach simple oral Chinese as well as to train the kids to make Chinese lanterns, Beijing Opera facial masks, and Chinese flags and kites. On June 21, kids were invited to visit AUM Confucius Institute. There Chinese volunteers put on a special show of Chinese famous story “The Monkey King Thrice Defeats the Skeleton Demon" . To show their thanks, kids performed a Chinese song “Little star” after receiving the certificate.



Chinese Cultural Day at Wares Ferry School

At the invitation from Mr. Edward Drozdowski, Principal of Wares Ferry Road Elementary School, the Auburn University at Montgomery Confucius Institute participated in the school’s first Multicultural Festival on April 26, 2013.

In the morning, the AUM dragon dance group students and staff were warmly welcomed by Principal Drozdowski at the door. After an announcement that the dragon was approaching the school, over 450 students, teachers and parents hurried outside to watch the Dragon Dance performed by AUM students.

Following the performance of the Dragon Dance, Chinese teachers from the AUM Confucius Institute taught lessons of simple Chinese words, Chinese paper cutting, and many other arts and crafts. The students played games including shuttlecock, and learned handkerchief dance.

In the afternoon, Confucius Institute presented Tai Chi and an ancient Chinese costume show. The students could not help dancing and clapping hands when the Chinese folk music was played.

Confucius Institute also brought many Chinese crafts, ink paintings, and Chinese tea, to exhibit throughout the day. The students were excited to learn so many new and different things at one time. Principal Drozdowski appreciated AUM’s Confucius Institute for their contribution to the success of the school’s Multicultural Week. “We are looking forward to more collaborations in the Fall,” said Principal Drozdowski.