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Capturing AUM moments through Instagram

by User Not Found | Jul 11, 2014

AUM has added Instagram to its social media efforts. Check it out at There’s also an Instagram button at the bottom of the AUM webpage.

Created in October 2010 by two Stanford University graduates, Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows phones. The name is a combination of “Instant Photos” and “Telegrams.” An average of 55 million photos are posted daily on the site. AUM is using the profile to engage students and alumni.

“We are promoting school spirit and pride through Instagram,” said Buffy Lockette, external communications manager in University Relations. “The site is popular among students and teens, in particular, so this is a perfect medium for us to spotlight our beautiful campus and its people to current and potential students." 

The university is already on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Be on the lookout for Instagram photo contests this fall.

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