Common Reading Program

AUM Connected: Common Reading Program

As an incoming freshman, you will read an AUM Connected book in your UNIV 1000 course along with all other freshmen. The upperclasses are encouraged to participate as well. This "group read" will engage you in a common academic and social experience that connects you to the university, faculty, and peers through a campus tradition. It will also introduce you to college-level discussions in a non-threatening setting and include you in an academic experience outside of class. AUM Connected gives AUM students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community an opportunity to interact in meaningful conversations related to contemporary social and cultural issues.

Selection Process

Each September, the AUM Connected committee calls for nominations from the faculty, staff, and students. The committee asks that the nominators consider the following criteria:

  • Availability - A nominated book must be in print, in paperback and digital formats, and it should be something that students are unlikely to have read in high school, and unlikely to read in basic college classes;
  • Engaging and accessible – A nominated book must be of reasonable length (no more than 350 pp.), and appeal to a wide range of students and disciplines;
  • Good writing – A nominated book must demonstrate good writing;
  • Relevance – A nominated book must have themes that are relevant to students and can evoke meaningful discussions of social and cultural issues; and,
  • Potential for year-long programming.

The committee then carefully reviews all nominated books and narrows the list to no more than six possible selections. This list is then put forward for a campus-wide vote in January.

For more information about AUM Connected, please contact Ms. Danitra Tolbert at 244-3525 or






Student Reading Guide to The Dinner.

Short promotional video of The Dinner made by AUM Theatre students.

Another short promotional video of The Dinner made by AUM Theatre students.

The Faculty Teaching Guide is available on CELT's AUMnet page.

Social Media: AUM Connected has a Facebook Page (AUM Connected Common Reading Program), and a Twitter account @AUMConnected. We encourage the campus to use the hashtag #warhawkbook in their social media posts.

Spring 2017 AUM Connected Events

January 25 – 5:00-7:00 pm – “Human Altruism: What does psychology have to say about pro-social behavior?”

Goodwyn Hall 109

Dr. Rolando Carol will share and discuss various psychological studies that explore the circumstances under which humans will and will not help others.


January 30 – 12:15 – 2:00 – “A Place at the Table” (2012)

Goodwyn Hall 109

Join us for a documentary that investigates incidents of hunger experienced by millions of Americans, and proposed solutions to the problem.


February 6 – 7:30-9:00 - “Carnage” (2011)

Library 10th Floor East

A dark comedy about what happens when the parents of a young bully and his victim meet to solve the problem.  No one escapes the carnage.


February 23 – 12:15-1:15 – “Good Enough to Eat: Depictions of Food in Art” - Dana Bice, WAC Program Manager, CELT

Goodwyn Hall 109

Join Dana Bice, WAC Program Manager and CELT, for this brief survey of some of the ways and reasons why food has been depicted in visual art. Examples of Western art from the Prehistoric era to now will be discussed.


February 27 – 9:30-5:00 – AUM Reads! An AUM Connected Day of Celebrating Reading

Taylor Center 230

Join us for a day of lectures, food, and incentives, as well as a movie at lunch time. “It’s a Disaster” (2012) is a comedy about the worst brunch ever: the eggs are cold, the tensions are high, and the end of civilization is near.

AUM Reads Poster


March 8 – 5:00-7:00 – “The Stanford Experiment” (2015)

10th Floor West

In this thriller we see the dark side of power and the effects of imprisonment. As part of a college psychology study, twenty-four male students are cast in roles of inmates and guards in a simulated prison. What could go wrong?


March 22 – 12:15-2:15 – “The Dinner” (2013)

Taylor 230

This Dutch film is based on Herman Koch’s novel (English subtitles).


March 22 – 5-6:15 – Dinner in the Dark – AUM Connected and Center for Disability Services Event

Taylor Center 221

Dinner in the Dark is a dining event that is a sensory experience where the diner is blindfolded and experiences what it’s like to be unable to see while eating a meal.  Without sight, tastes, smells, textures and sounds are heightened.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about vision loss and awaken your senses.



April 5 – 6:30-8:30 – “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” (1967)

10th Floor East

In this famous film, a couple’s attitudes are challenged when their daughter introduces them to her African-American fiancé.