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The following information has been updated due to COVID-19.  Although the Admissions Office is temporarily closed, the Admissions team is ready to serve incoming students via phone, email, Zoom, Facetime, or your favorite communication device.

For incoming Undergraduate Freshman, AUM wants to ensure your university is there when you need us. Today, you can rest assured that AUM is doing everything it can to continue your education whether online this summer or as we migrate back this fall.  To assist incoming students, AUM initiated the following measures:

  • Free Dell Laptop for first-time, full-time freshman in Spring 2021.
  • ACT/SAT admission testing requirements are waived.  If you have scores, AUM now Superscores ACT and SAT. 
  • Application Fees are waived.
  • Scholarships will be available to those who qualify.
  • Financial Aid representatives are available to answer questions.
  • Additional Pell Grant funding may be available this summer for those who qualify..
  • Summer Incentive Scholarship ($100 scholarship per credit hour) automatic qualification to first-time student of AUM.

Next Steps -

1. Fill out the online application. It's easy and it's free. You will need to create an account if you are visiting the page for the first time. 

Optional - If you have them, submit your ACT/SAT scores... AUM Superscores.  You can have the testing agency submit your test scores directly to AUM, or you can submit your scores yourself. It is important that you use AUM's College Board (CEEB) codes: SAT — 1036; ACT — 0057.   AUM Superscores the ACT/SAT sections.  Make sure to submit all your test scores as this can increase your scholarship opportunities.  AUM will take the highest score of each section of these tests.  Check it out here

2. Have your high school send your official transcript. Ask your high school guidance counselor to submit your official transcript to AUM. It's ok if you haven't graduated yet, though they will need to submit your official four-year transcript once you graduate. If you have attended any other colleges or universities, or earned dual credits, ask the registrar to send us those official transcripts to this address:

AUM Admissions
P.O. Box 244023
Montgomery, AL 36124-4023 

Admissions Requirements

Freshman Transfer
2.3 GPA (min.)
Unweighted, High School
2.0 GPA (min.) and
Waived for Summer/Fall 2020 24 hours completed
course work (min.)*

* Transfer students with fewer than 24 hours of course work must meet freshman admission requirements.

* Even if you do not fully meet all the requirements for admission to AUM, you may still find a home here through our Bridge Program.  This program is designed for students who meet specific academic criteria in order to enroll them in courses structured to prepare them for full admission. ​


Admissions Travel Book CoverYou are about to begin one of the most important times of your life. Applying to AUM is the first step toward getting your degree and opening a world of opportunities for your future. It's our goal to make the admission process as easy as possible. If at any time you have questions or want to speak with an admission counselor, you can call our office at 334-244-3615 or email us at

Download the Admissions Guide today by clicking on the #ChooseAUM to the left.

What does it take to qualify for admission to AUM?

There are a number of ways to be admitted to AUM, whether you are a traditional high school student, looking to go back to college after several years or looking to transfer from another institution. No matter your circumstances, we want to make this as easy as possible. 

Paying for college is a hot topic among students and parents these days. And it’s true that college is a serious investment in your future. If you’re asking “is college worth the cost?” the answer is still a resounding yes. A college graduate will earn significantly more over the course of a lifetime than someone without a college education. On top of that, finishing your education will open the door to opportunities that simply aren't available without the degree. You'll have more choices, simple as that.

With proper planning — including identifying and taking advantage of grants, student loans and work-study opportunities — there are many ways to finance your college degree that make sense.

In addition to financial aid, AUM offers several scholarships. In fact, we awarded more than $5 million dollars in scholarships last year.  

We recommend starting early as students must be admitted by March 1 to be eligible for many opportunities.  We also offer an outstanding out-of-state scholarship that can help bring tuition inline with in-state tuition for students meeting the requirements.

The AUM Financial Aid Office provides a variety of services to help you finance your education. From grants to student loans, to college work-study, we offer more than $40 million in financial assistance to students annually.