About AUM
Campus Maps

AUM is in Montgomery, Alabama, near the interchange of Taylor Road and I-85. Below are a variety of maps tailored to specific requirements.

The street address for Auburn Montgomery is:

7400 East Drive
Montgomery, Ala. 36117

There is no mail receptacle for this address; if you are trying to send a letter to Auburn Montgomery use the P.O. Box address below:

P.O. Box 244023
Montgomery, AL 36124

Non-AUM Organizations

Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences
Montgomery Medical/Forensic Laboratory
Medical Examiners Office

8160 University Drive
Montgomery, AL 36117-7001

Alabama Department of Public Health
Bureau of Clinical Laboratories
Montgomery Public Health/State Health Department Laboratory

8140 AUM Drive
Montgomery AL 36117-7001
Phone: 334-260-3400
Fax: 334-260-5083
24 Hour Phone: 334-260-3400